Liquid Share Certificate


Access your money when you need it

It's your money, so let's keep it liquid.

We’ve created this unique certificate for you to enjoy greater savings with a one-year commitment, all while keeping your money accessible to you.

Member perks:

  • 12-month term
  • $2,500 minimum opening balance required
  • $250,000 maximum balance
  • Let us calculate your dividends daily and we'll pay you quarterly

Here are some details you should know:

  • Maximum of two (2) withdrawals per month, withdrawals must be at least seven (7) days apart to avoid early withdrawal penalties
  • For all other withdrawals, an early withdrawal penalty equal to 180 days dividends on the amount withdrawn must be charged for each additional withdrawal
  • Not for Business Share Certificates or IRA Share Certificates
  • There is a seven-day (7) grace period for maturing certificates
  • If you choose to redeem the certificate during the grace period, dividends will not be paid during the grace period and withdrawal penalties will not be assessed
  • Once the funds have rolled over, they will not be available until the end of the certificate’s term or will be subject to an early withdrawal penalty
  • Certificate will be renewed automatically for the same term, and at the most current rate, unless the Member closes the account before the certificate’s maturity date
  • We’ll send you a notice 30 day before the certificate’s maturity date
  • The notice lets you know that the certificate is coming due, and asks that you let us know if you don’t want the certificate to be automatically renewed

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